David Lorimer


Nicolya Christi –
Bear and Co, 2021, 242 pp., $20, p/b – ISBN 978-1-59143-421-4


Most readers of this journal will have a strong sense that we have arrived at a critical liminal or phase transition point in human evolution, an opportunity for a great shift anticipated in many indigenous cultures. In this crucial visionary contribution, Nicolya Christi asks if we will experience a new era of peace and harmony or continue to break down and destroy, noting that both potential outcomes are possible and that we have the collective responsibility to contribute to the former. The existing technocratic trajectory will keep us ‘locked into a world of fear, suffering, darkness, control, manipulation, conditioning and separation’ based on a love of power grounded in self-serving systems. The Network is devoted to ‘a new emerging paradigm built upon the principles and virtues of unity in diversity, equality, humanity, empathy, kindness, and love’ – this is the ‘new conscious paradigm’ founded on love, truth, freedom and unity’ that also corresponds to our deepest longing and fullest expression of our potential. The outcome depends on a sufficient number of awakened people coming together to overcome passive acceptance and compliance and to choose life in the broadest sense of the term.


In his foreword, Ervin Laszlo remarks that that this represents his own unwritten book based on the author’s alchemical lived experience and entirely consistent with his own vision of remembering our deeper identity and living the love and light that we inherently are. As Chris Bache has also pointed out in his work, we are in the process of awakening from a dark night of the collective soul and we each have our own shadow and healing work to contribute to this unfolding. Deep remembering is represented by direct gnosis that aligns us to Unity Consciousness in a Oneness of Purpose. As such, the book speaks to the soul that recognises its central premise as true: ‘we are LOVE, we are from LOVE, we are here to BE LOVE and to LOVE we shall return.’ This is our wake-up call and our capacity. Throughout the book, keywords such as CONSCIOUSNESS, GOD, SOURCE are capitalised and inherently related to each other (p. 39) – in gnosis, we come to this realisation that there is only one Centre of which we are all manifestations. Nicolya sees this as an evolutionary progression from Existing Earth through Future Earth to New Earth, corresponding to the self (survival), Self (awakened) and Higher Self (actualized/transcendent) becoming increasingly aligned to Soul, Spirit and SOURCE, leading to a radical transformation of heart and mind (see diagram on p. 53).


The self – also ancestral – is wounded by a sense of perceived separation from SOURCE and a feeling that something essential is missing. Sometimes everything has to fall away before we can discover what sustains us within and consciously reconnect to LOVE so that we can become part of a co-creative movement for a conscious and compassionate world by focusing our energies in this direction and not on fear and separation that has its own socially isolating epigenetic effect (‘as we think, we create’, ‘energy follows thought.’) This latter orientation makes us slaves to the existing dysfunctional power template that has dominated humanity for centuries and plans to extend its hold through digital ID and ongoing structural control of investment, energy, food and pharmaceuticals rather than the regenerative health systems advocated in this book, to which a separate chapter and appendix is devoted. One key question here is what we are absorbing or taking in on a daily basis at every level.


Ancient prophecies and astrological configurations give a larger perspective on our current situation, including the Mayan calendar and its connection with 2012. Other traditions also depict a shift of the ages to Aquarius in freedom and interconnectedness to bring in the power of love while transcending the love of power in joining together ‘as an empowered force of Light’ based on the directives of Consciousness, Heart, Truth and Courage. All these prophecies share a common theme of transition and transformation on the one hand and destruction and apocalypse on the other. A prophecy by the Bulgarian Sage Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov) has a similar resonance, and here the example of Gandhi can serve as an inspiration when he speaks of soul power, Satyagraha: this prescribes who we must be and what we must do, reclaiming our freedom, moving towards decentralisation while also holding the existing manipulators to account as systemic corruption is more openly revealed in spite of widespread censorship. This also means that we ‘each need to become Self-Aware, Self-responsible, and Self-accountable’, asking what LOVE would have us do. In short, ‘LOVE is the answer to everything’ – this may seem simplistic, but becomes truer on deeper reflection. As they say, if not now, when? If not me, then who? I urge you to read this powerfully transformative book and choose to act from the LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE which we inherently are.