Dearest Nicolya,
Your book is a diamond for today’s world. So many of us are attempting to hold the light and not quite sure what we are doing and you gave us the map.
The first four chapters require much thoughtful study. I decided that I would come back and re-read them when I finished with the rest of the book. Although I am familiar with all the terms, I kept checking the back for your definitions. The middle of the book is chocked full of great information. And the last third is phenomenal! I am devouring it.


You offer many concepts that are new to people who have been on the path for years. If a newcomer reads it, I can imagine their mind would be blown. For me, the most astounding concept was that there is the possibility of something greater than Source. I went around with my jaw open for days!
I venture to say that each person who reads the book will come across at least one thing that astounds them. My favourite is the third part about the soul’s purpose, the new conscious eon, and the new and future earth which is where I am now. Fascinating!


Overall, your book is phenomenal, has brought much new knowledge to the earth, and will be received with great applause.
Thank you for you and all that you are and all that you contribute to us.