I have read your book and I would like to express deep gratitude for showing me a different way, a different perspective, particularly on forgiveness and conscious communication. I am so much more aware of who is present with me and who is listening to me now, and what is my part in conversations. The people who are not being present to me or do not see me, I accept, it does not bother me. I am consciously practicing ‘respond’ not ‘react’. I also love the Seven Dark, Seven Light and Seven Rainbow Arrows (particularly the Rainbow Arrows). I have made a commitment to myself to cultivate my own inner peace in each moment and be the brightest loving person I possibly can. My life has changed forever and I am excited and looking forward to my future as I live and walk my purpose to co-create heaven on Earth.Thank you for touching my soul so deeply, I found myself in a place so new to me as nobody has ever spoken to me as you have Nicolya. Bless you.