Nicolya Christi’s latest book “Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World” is an essential holistic guide to personal and global transformation which unifies heart and mind and provides a road-map to psychological, conscious and spiritual evolution in our modern world. Many of us individually and collectively today are searching for a New Consciousness which will result in the co-creation of a New World and a positive Future for Humankind. That world and future must be both peaceful and sustainable if we are to survive and thrive into even the second half of this 21st Century. We desperately need new thinking and new ways of relating to each other and to our Mother Earth. A truly new epoch is urgently needed now that is as different from our past as night is to day. Such a new epoch is possible today because so many of us are now connected through the web. However these new tools are insufficient on their own. We need wisdom, compassion, healing and reconnection as author Nicolya Christi so clearly sets out as our guide in this latest book, following her initial publication 2012: A Clarion Call. Deep connection with Source, our Creator, and our Higher Self, is much more fundamental then simple technological connection. We must consciously, both individually and collectively, raise our consciousness to a higher level. A level that embraces higher heart-based wisdom, the healing of our Selves, harmony and balance both within us and in the world. Nicolya Christi brilliantly set out what that means in our lives and how to achieve it simply and powerfully. An indispensable handbook for our multi-leveled evolution, and a must read for those interested in evolving our selves and our world at this critical juncture in human history.