I am loving CSEW. It spoke to me straight away as so pertinent for our times and in a world that is so foccsed on materiality with many people sleepwalking through life, it is a book that wakes you gently yet profoundly. I found this with Clarion Call as well. One of the things I love about your writing is how smoothly and easily it speaks to the heart. Cultivating love of self is particularly interesting and hits the nail on the head. Perhaps it is indicative of where I am on my own journey, or perhaps it is a sign of the times, yet I am very aware these days of my own areas where I need to love my self in order to heal old wounds, and I am also seeing that in others asthey struggle with internal pain and conflict. I also found the chapters on soul mates to be profound and relevant, and recognised much of what you write about in my own past relationships. I connected less well with the twin sould and twin flame information so probably not experienced that as yet! The rainbow arrows is not something I have come across before and yet felt a real affinity with this, yet of all the book so far (and I am in the middle of it!) the words that have stayed with me and which have been my beacon for the last 3 months are – “Hold the vision you have uncovered or discovered, no matter how it may contradict the experience of your life to date or go against your expectations of yourself or the expectations of other peopleā€. Since knowing I must take the leap, I have been plagued with doubts, fears and worries. Many around me are questioning my vision and how I can acheive it. It is harder than I expected it would be to hold faith in what I know is true for me, yet at the same time I know that it is now or never and I must be true to myself at this point. Even if that means I lose everything that I thought was of value in order to find the real value. I know, that you understand this, when so few do. Your book and your other books affirm this kind of experience and resonate at a deep soul level, which helps people like me, at times like this, hold the vision necessary to bring peace and love to the world. So, thank you Nicolya.