Reflections on The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution

Well… the Conference has come and gone…

My presentation given and received… and…

After 24 hours of reflection, necessary because of a wave of personal discomfort that accompanied the afterglow of my presentation, I have come to an important realisation. It relates to what I will refer to here as ‘The Feeling Field’ which I view as the divine compliment of ‘The Thought Field’ – where union of mind and heart, thought and feeling, masculine and feminine, come into sacred union within the context of Science & Spirituality.

I wish to share some of the valuable insights that I have gained from the conference. I am trusting that these shared, personal insights will be of use to others, as we journey together on the path of conscious evolution.

When I was first invited to speak at this incredible event, I was very clear within myself that I would offer a ‘Feeling Field’ experience.

My element is ‘Water’ and my forte is working with the realms of ‘Feeling’ and the ‘Elevated Mind’, and how these can and need to become central in our day-to-day expression and experiences. Both are higher octaves of ’emotion’ and the ‘everyday mind’ within the framework of conscious evolution.

By transcending emotion, one can live from the the more refined level of feeling. By transcending the day-to-day mind (and the overriding influence of the unconscious mind) one can experience and express through the ‘higher-mind’ (superconscious mind). For an in-depth understanding of this concept refer to my book, ‘2012: A Clarion Call’.

For this magnificent event, I came to the conclusion that it would be more fitting to follow the guidelines and advice for presenting that had been offered to me. And so, I altered my original ‘plan’ in order to honour the boundaries and focus of the conference. I chose to give a specific type of talk along with a powerpoint presentation.

In sharing this, I am reminded of what Marianne Williamson recently revealed in an interview about how she had allowed the advice of seasoned political advisors and experts to override her own gnosis regarding her campaign and accompanying ideas and plans. Only on hindsight, did she come to recognise that by ignoring her deep inner-knowing she had not kept faith with her own values.

I knew deep inside that the way of presenting I had chosen to honour did not fully resonate with me. What I most wished for was to share my Work in the way I feel it is meant to be shared, through, and by creating, a feeling field – a ‘field’ of heart in which to sit with an audience/group.

This is a sacred space in which to BE, and to experience stillness, silence and deep contemplation. It is a space that invites open heart-to-heart dialogue and a felt-sense relationship with Self, other and the world. It fosters a deeper connection and facilitates a compassionate environment in which to learn with each other, empathise with each other, grow with each other, heal with each other, and transform with each other. It is not a space for process for it is not a workshop, but somewhere to explore, together, the evolutionary journey of the Self, and its impact on global evolution.

My sense is that we each thrive within a certain base element, be that earth (physical), air (mind), fire (creativity) or water (feeling). Each one is vital and equal in its role in human/conscious evolution. Depending on our level of awareness, we are able to transcend our native element at will in order to embody the others. Yet, our native element always remains our base element and we can create alchemy when, from an integrated state, we mix it with all the others. Our native element can be likened to our ‘home-base’ to which we always return. Personal astrology reveals our native element to us. For example, ten out of twelve key significators in my own astrological chart are in water signs.

In the context of interacting with a public audience/group, it is in the ‘feeling field’ that the teachings of this Work, (aside from my books, articles, videos and audio), are meant to be expressed and experienced – through relational sharing. One example is through direct communication with a member of the audience who is asking a question. A particular question often speaks to other audience members, and, if not to them, then to someone in their lives.

The understanding that can arise from an empathic response from myself, (or another) not only imprints an empathic connection experience within the energy field and psyche, and cellular level of the questioner, (and other audience members), but can also facilitate their capacity to take that experience out into the world at a felt-sense level and offer it to others. Or, they may be more able to empathically connect to others who are struggling with similar questions and in need of an empathic response.

By not following my own felt-sense in my choice of how to present my Work at this conference, I chose instead to follow the loose guidelines, which were not entirely resonant with the feeling field I wished to bring to the event. By doing so, I took myself out of my native element of water/feeling and placed myself in the element of air/mind. This was a compromised decision, rather than an all inclusive choice to remain centred within my native element and not put it to one side.

I had wished to hold a feeling space, one in which the heart is invited to be fully present, where all aspects of the individual can be seen, heard, validated, witnessed, acknowledged and held in unconditional love. A ‘field’ in which to experience what it feels like to be held in unconditional positive regard.

When I began my presentation, I literally felt out of my element. I felt like I was ‘speaking ‘at’ and ‘to’ rather than ‘with’. I am a relational being and seek to connect intimately, to gaze deeply into another’s eyes and meet them soul to soul. Connection with others in this way, at a one-to-one level, whether they are alone or sitting among many, is a powerfully transformational way of communicating. Heart-to-heart communication is why the ‘feeling field’ is all important in the expression of my Work.

An example of this can be given from the Panel Discussion on Friday night with Gregg Braden, William Henry, Dr Amit Goswami and myself. There was more of a relational field present which supported spontaneous heartfelt responses to audience questions. During this discussion, Gregg had mentioned the heart-mind connection and how important it is for both of these to be harmoniously aligned.

My sense is that Gregg’s native element is air/mind, and from his highly evolved mind comes his prolific understanding of the heart. I am based in the element of water/feelings and so it is through the heart that I understand all levels of Mind (unconscious, conscious and superconscious). It is the same wisdom, only coming from a different emphasis through a different element. And each is as valid and important as the other.

Element speaks to like element: mind inspires mind, feeling inspires feeling. Those who are able to align their native element with all of the others are able to work with all elements simultaneously. The native element comes into and fulfils its greatest potential because of the alchemy that occurs when all elements are working together in harmony.

Our native element will remain our base element throughout our lives, only becoming more and more integrated with the other elements as we consciously evolve. At this point, we begin to shine and fulfil our Soul’s Higher Purpose, express highest wisdom and apply impeccable expertise. Native elements are mastered over lifetimes. Mastery of an element within an astrological birth chart reveals itself in what is termed a ‘Grand Trine’ in a specific element, be that air, earth, fire or water. I have a grand trine in water.

During my presentation, I moved out of the element of feeling and into the element of mind to talk from a place which obviously requires an altogether different approach. This does not come naturally if one is used to expressing through a different native element. The result was a clunky start to the presentation, as if I had shifted into the wrong gear when moving at the wrong speed. My attempt to bring it back to some semblance of feeling enabled me to continue on with the powerpoint presentation, however, this did not fully support the creation/co-creation of a feeling field experience in the way I would have wished for.

My sense was that the talk did not hit the mark for all, and yet many more expressed how utterly inspired they were, especially by the feeling aspects of it. One such person was a lovely young man who shared his experience. I realised he was able to feel the feeling that was within me and that continued to transmit from me, in spite of my ‘air’ adjusted presentation!

This conference has been an instrumental revelation, a profound experience, and an extraordinarily blessed gift to me, for it has been a reminder to never compromise what I know/gnosis. Remember who you are and what you know…

I conclude this by expressing my immense gratitude for what I have experienced and learned this weekend, and for the wonderful people I have met and shared sacred time and space with. And, it is so encouraging to witness several hundred people gathered together in peace and harmony who are so open to learning, growing, healing and expanding. The entire conference had a feeling of ‘family’ exploring and growing together.

What the conference revealed to me, with striking clarity, is that a space is needed for the ‘feeling field’ at such events, indeed in the world. The Feeling Field needs to fit right alongside The Thought Field. These two fundamental pillars of human and conscious evolution must stand alongside each other as equals.

From the many people that approached me to share their experiences of my input on the Panel Discussion, along with their positive experiences of my presentation, I was left in no doubt whatsoever that the feeling field is now being called to be included as an instrumental part of new consciousness in a new epoch and, in the context of this article, needs to find its rightful and equal place within the arena of Science & Spirituality.

The conference revealed to me that people who attend these events have a burning hunger for an empty space within them to be filled. The thought field, which nourishes the brain and the mind, cannot fully fulfil this. It is the feeling field that deeply nourishes the heart, self, Self, Higher Self and the Soul.

If science and spirituality were located mainly in the feeling field, the ‘hunger’ that I can sense would be for nourishment via the thought field. What is necessary is for both of these to be present together. The Masculine (Mind) and the Feminine (Heart) now need to be aligned in perfect balance so as to harmoniously unify and facilitate a true partnership between science and spirituality, perhaps, for the first time.

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