The OpenSpace Experience with Nicolya Christi

The OpenSpace Experience with Nicolya Christi

In these meetings great emphasis is placed on the fundamental role of conscious communication, unconditional positive regard, and deep understanding, and how these enable us to truly forgive – ourselves and each other.

OpenSpace Meetings hold a fundamental directive – our transcendence from the state of human doing to a human BEing. The informal and relaxed atmosphere fosters safety, trust, gentleness, love, humour and warmth.

This is not group therapy or a space for deep psychological processing but an opportunity to bathe in the light of understanding which opens us to the more than we each are. By sitting in interested curiosity we discover new and inspired ways to transcend historical ties/experiences and instead cultivate a consistent state of inner-peace and harmony.

Through graceful and mindful sharing we come to more fully realise the truth of who we really are beyond any personal or collective story.

Nicolya looks forward to meeting with you in the deep Heart of BEing.

  • OpenSpace Online Meetings 2020 – The 22nd of each month
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