OpenSpace Meetings are essentially online ‘open mic’ events in which participants are invited to consciously explore personal and social/global evolutionary processes with Nicolya. Meetings take place within a group setting either online or at a specified public venue. Nicolya invites participants to pose questions to open a dialogue with her, who is then able to initiate a deeper communication as the presenting issue unfolds. Merely by sitting in such a transformational field, those attending are afforded an opportunity to learn, heal, evolve, and transform.

The OpenSpace Experience with Nicolya Christi

Meetings begin with a Prayer, followed by a silent meditation to bring the group mind and energy into a state of connected stillness. Nicolya will then give an introductory talk after which the ‘space’ becomes ‘open’. Each question is met in the spirit of unconditional positive regard. Some questions may bring immediate insight or take the group on an extended journey, while others may carry an invitation to embrace the mystery of the unknown or enter into a shared space of profound silence. Once the Meeting is opened all that unfolds is a part of it.

The focus is on the extraordinary power of awakened consciousness and its capacity to entirely transform our experiences and remind us of who we truly are, why we are really here, and where we are really from. It deepens our connection to eternal reality and anchors us into the special piece of heaven within each one of us that remains whole and unbroken, (Paracelsus), and enables us to recognise our true nature, discover our soul’s higher calling, and conceive that even though we are in this world, we are not of it. We become awakened participators who deeply understand the journey of humanity and, together, as inspired visionaries, seek to co-create a new conscious world.



Please note

  • All OpenSpace times and dates are CET (Central European Time Zone) times currently held at: 16:00 CET (Central European time)

  • An OpenSpace meeting requires 3 or more registered participants to attend online for the meeting to go ahead. Once the minimum participant level is reached the you will be contacted with the date and time of the meeting, including instructions for how to connect online.
  • Once you register your place is reserved for the next OpenSpace meeting.
  • If there are insufficient live attendees when the OpenSpace meeting is due to commence then all registrants will be transferred to the next available OpenSpace meeting. If this does not work for you then your donation will be refunded.
  • *If you are not residing in Western Europe, convert your local time to find out exactly when these events commence – click here.