Oops …

Dearest ❤️ Friends,

Here I am in Provence/Cote d’Azur in a sweet little village called Aups (pronounced Oops!) … and since arriving there has been quite a few “oops” moments … 🙃

My time in Freiburg was needed … a necessary replay of a cellular and soulular memory that has overtaken my life experience since I began to write the novel last November – vital to its energetic imprint.

In choosing to retell this story I have consciously opened an old timeline … enabled two timelines to momentarily blur and converge. Having done so has set off a rollercoaster of historical events playing out in my here and now day-to-day life.

I have discovered that this area I have landed in ‘by chance’ was a key Resistance stronghold:

– The cellar of the building I am inhabiting, in fact right beneath my feet as I write, was the meeting place for the primary Resistance group of the region.

– The neighbours upstairs are related to a seventeen-year old girl who was working with The Resistance when caught and shot by the Gestapo in the local village square. Her name ‘Rosette Ciofi’ is carved onto a memorial stone at the very place she fell, along with several other Resistance activists, some of whom were also teenagers, shot in the square.

– The mountain directly in front of my bedroom window ‘Le Bessillon’ was the place where the SS effected a massacre of Resistance activists after rounding them up and making them carry the ammunition that would bring an end to their lives, along with the shovels they would be forced to dig their own graves with before being shot.

– In the village there is a museum ‘Musee de Resistance’ dedicated to Resistance activities and stories from this area. I will visit it soon and take photographs and share.

– The dilapidated farmhouse I ended up staying in for just over two weeks ‘back then’ after being discovered hiding in the attached barn by two brothers in their mid-seventies who owned the barn/farmhouse/land, reverberates in the here and now as I discover that the dilapidated dwelling I am currently staying in is owned by two brothers in their mid-seventies. Another striking correlation is how ‘back then’ the brothers had been so extraordinarily kind, had hearts of gold, went to any length to ensure my safety and that I was as comfortable as possible. In the here and now, the brothers afford me the same grace and kindness, which is offered in abundance.

– The elderly brothers back then, who I came to refer to as “the uncles”, introduced me to The Resistance via the husband of their niece. He helped me on my way as I had to leave the safety and care of the ‘uncles’ for the risk to their lives was too great if caught harbouring a German Jew on the run. I had to get to Paris to pick up new Identity Papers as a German ‘Aryan’ citizen but when travelling on foot through a forest stumbled into a battle raging between a German SS Unit and a Resistance Cell … what unfolded from there forms the backbone of the story from that timeline.

– When I fled the Black Forest/Freiburg ‘back then’ I sneaked over the border into France where destiny took over. This time, after an exhaustive 3.5 month online search for a suitable place to stay, which took me from Germany to Wales, Scotland to England, and Italy to France, the only place I could find that that would meet my financial situation and practical needs was in France, (here in Aups). So, again, I found myself leaving Freiburg and crossing the border into France to end up in a not dissimilar situation in terms of the place I am staying, which even has an attached barn now used as a makeshift garage.

So, everything my character experiences in the novel is playing out in my life as a parallel reality; a phenomenon that began the moment I began to write it last November.

The blurring of the two timelines has catalysed a roller-coaster of ups and downs both physically and emotionally, a re-presenting in the here and now of ‘what was’ in order to facilitate a deep cellular clearing and healing of ‘unhealed’ trauma from that timeline.

My experience in Freiburg was (negatively) dominated by a single individual to such an extent that I chose to leave six months ahead of time … an individual who is a key character from the previous timeline and so I understood what was playing out all too well.

So, Freiburg presented an opportunity for me to feel now … and do now … what I could not do back then.

Add to the Freiburg experience the ‘lockdown’ scenario which occurred within weeks of arriving … 😶

So, I will stay here in Aups for as long as the process requires before moving on, definitely by early October.

There will be further synchronicities unfolding here to personally process and integrate into the novel. However, I sense that the bulk of what needed to be relived from ‘back then’ took place in Freiburg, which is why I had to return in this lifetime, and 20% is left to complete before moving into a new phase in October regarding ‘home’ and the novel.

At that point the focus of the novel will shift to the here and now … and what WE as an awakened global community must do … who we must BE … in terms of our unified efforts to bring to an end power-over ‘rulership’ and instead establish global stewardship founded on and directed by the Power of Love – and this alone.

The here and now story will hold nothing back in terms of what in the world is really going on … and just what WE can ‘do now that we could not back then’ as a humanitarian resistance force in service of Peace, Truth, Equality, Harmony, and LOVE.

WE Have Returned.

The writing of this novel is a ‘calling’ … the next phase of my own efforts in this collective ‘calling’ so many of us are engaged in at this crucial time for the world.

And so I must bring a multitude of components together in a gripping and coherent form. The ‘gripping’ is easy because it amounts to transcribing ‘what was’ and ‘what is’. But the ‘coherent’ may present as a challenge for my mind is a tsunami of information spanning both pivotal timelines.

Inspiration spirals around me like a torsion field of vast magnitude and force. I need to harness it so this fiction-based-on-fact account can be written in its most impactful form and bring its own unique (among many others out there) message to the world.

Blazing LOVE from a blistering southern France.

Nicolya ❤️❤️


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