Numerical Codes and the Maturation of the Consciousness of Humanity – 2018-2021: a Final Call

As I sit and reflect on the close of another year, and all that has unfolded, not only in my own life, but throughout the world, I find myself feeling into the evolutionary trajectory of 2018.

There are a few ‘metaphysical realities” to consider, and, this coming year feels to me to be especially important.

2018 amounts to a ‘Final Call” and a ‘Recall” – a final call to consciousness and awakening, and/or a recall to those who reached a ‘peak” of accelerated conscious evolution in 2012, yet have since slowed the pace or perhaps even come to a standstill. Momentum has been lost for many, in the respect of the awakening they were undergoing pre-21.12.12. It is true there has been much integrating, assimilating and reconfiguring following the whirlwind of evolutionary opportunity that was the unprecedented time leading up to that initiatory date, which heralded the beginning of the Great Shift of Ages. Some have been busy reforming, restructuring and recombobulating, or maybe languishing under the impression that the 21.12.12 ‘Mission of the Ages’ had been fulfilled. Whatever the reason, the winds of evolution are sending out a recall and final call to initiate an ultimate window of time that opens in 2018, accelerates in intensity from 11/11/18, and closes on 21/12/21.

2018 – (11) a Numerical ‘Master’ Year

I began to meditate on the psycho-spiritual themes of 2018 several weeks ago. Many insights came to mind, not least the fact that 2018 is an ”11” year, which, numerologically, pertains to a ‘Master Number’. So, the date, 11.11.2018 will be of particular importance given that it equates to the numerical code of 11.11.11.

To gain more of an understanding of what this means for you, cast your mind back to the instrumental numerical key code date of ”11.08.1999” that was the Total Solar Eclipse (11:11am) 11+08+19+99 = 11. Try to recall what you were doing, where you were in your life, and, importantly, where you were in yourself. Since that time, how far do you feel you have come? What challenging themes, experiences or stories might remain as ongoing patterns? What is yet to be resolved and completed, or what is still waiting to be fulfilled? What do you feel has been realised as you observe your life now, and what of your dreams to come?

In the Wake of a New Numerical Key Code – 333

The 11.11.11 gateways have been presenting us with the potential to transcend the past and prepare to evolve under a new numeric Master Key Code that will set in place the next numerical evolutionary phase for humanity – the 333.

The date of 11.11.11 was one of two penultimate gateways, the other being 12.12.12, that we passed through on our way to the Great Doorway that was the Shift of the Ages on 21/12/12. So unprecedented was the cosmological reality of 21/12/12 and so unequivocal were the ancient prophecies relating to it, that for the thirteen years following the Total Solar Eclipse, (11.11 am on the 11th August, 1999), awakening humanity found itself on an evolutionary roller-coaster that, literally, demanded nothing less than everything in terms of the uncompromising catalytic force that was set in motion.

Endings and Beginnings

For many of us, the thirteen years from the 1999 Total Solar Eclipse to the December Solstice of 2012 were tumultuous, transformational, transcendental, revolutionary, evolutionary and revelatory, and served as a period in our lives when our greatest personal growth occurred. We were preparing and being prepared by higher luminous forces to fulfill more of our incarnational purpose in the world at this time, with an almost single focus on our own conscious evolution and the conscious evolution of humanity. However, as important and fundamental, unique and unprecedented as those years were, we have still to fully accomplish the higher purpose of our soul. To some degree we have done so, yet much remains to be fulfilled in regard to why we are really here, at this time – Now.

We have indeed moved through several important gateways since 21/12/12. The most recent of these was in 2016 – the completion of a thirty-six year window of time that formed the epicenter, the eye of the storm, of the rare evolutionary phenomenon that is known as ‘The Galactic Alignment”. The Galactic Alignment Zone, (the entire event), began on the Winter Solstice of 1980 and concludes on December 21, 2021.

The Numerical Number ‘9’ Pre-Completion Zone

21/12/21 is a release point for conscious evolutionaries. Numerologically, 21.12.21 is a ‘9” year – the number of completion. Following this most significant date, we will enter into a new evolutionary phase. For 22 years, we have, literally, been on a relentless roller-coaster ride that has proved to be uncompromising in its evolutionary agenda, yet, ultimately, liberating. We have undergone the most intense of phases, in terms of inner-cleansing, healing and purifying in order to raise our vibration and frequency and consciously awaken and evolve. Many have also been clearing for the collective and initiating a transformation within humanity itself. Even though a similar evolutionary remit will continue to be ongoing, for the majority it will be far less intense. Never again will we undergo such unrelenting alchemical pressure, although there still remains much to be done.

So, as we enter 2018, numerically an 11 Master Year, we find ourselves on yet another date with fate and compelled to consciously prepare for a penultimate evolutionary ride. As we progress through the 11 gateway that is 2018, and, most especially, through the doorway of 11.11 this year, we enter a ‘Pre-Completion Zone”, initiated by the 12.12.12 (completion code 9), and the 21.12.12 (completion code 9), which will finally conclude on 21.12.21 (completion code 9).

The Quadruple Key Code of 2222

The ‘Pre Completion Zone” leads us through a series of mini gateways and initiations including quadruple key code dates that amount to (2222). The four most significant 11.11.11 consciousness awakening doorways began with the 11.08.1999. (11 numerical code). This was accelerated on the 11.11.11, (a quadruple key code precursor 11+11.20.11 = 2222), will be rebooted (major wake up call for humanity) on the 11.11.2018, (11 numerical code), and complete a 22 year evolutionary phase on the numerical quadruple key code (and Primary Source Numerical Key Code) date of 02/02/2020 (2/2/2/2). – the initiation point for the future numerical key date of 44.

02/02/2020 – ‘a Primary SOURCE Numerical Key Code’

The date of 02/02/2020 is the most unprecedented date for millennia. 02/02/2020 marks an end (to the 22-year evolutionary phase awakening humanity has been engaged in since 1999), and a beginning, in terms of being an initiation point for a sweeping new evolutionary trajectory for the coming millennia. So instrumental is this date and its role for Humanity, that it merits an entire article alone. I shall be writing about this and the other Primary SOURCE Numerical Key Codes at a later date.

The evolutionary, revolutionary, extraordinary, phenomenal and prodigious Primary SOURCE Numerical Key Codes were initiated on the date 01/01/0001, (in astronomical year numbering), and are the most profound of all numerical key codes in regard to the conscious evolution of Humanity. These ”Sovereign Codes’ prevail over grand sweeping cycles of thousands of years, i.e; 01/01/1010, 02/02/2020, 03/03/3030, 04/04/4040, 05/05/5050, etc. These codes are pre-eminent, supreme and paramount influences and directives for the evolutionary trajectory of human consciousness. Fundamentally, they are the major initiation points for the awakening of humanity.

Each sovereign code has dominion of and relates directly to a trilogy of chakra centres; for example, 02/02/2020 resides over the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. However, there is way too much to share about these SOURCE Key Codes to convey here. Suffice to say, (for now), each serves as an overarching director, each spans a thousand years, and each exerts the greatest influence on the conscious evolution and spiritual awakening of humankind.

The Master Trilogy of the 333 – an End and a Beginning

We are now (2018) on the home run of a specific process which began on 21.12.1980, at the start of the Galactic Alignment. This was further activated on 12/12/12 and 21/12/12, and will be ”turbo boosted” on the penultimate 12/12/21. Finally, it will complete on 21.12.21 (all 333 key codes & 9 completion energies). The 333 carries the evolutionary torch forwards because of its correlation with the higher octave numerical combinations of the number trilogies of 12 and 21, i.e. 12/12/12, 21/12/12,12/12/21 and 21/12/21.The latter is the most energetically potent because it falls on the completion date of the thirty-six-year (9 for completion) Galactic Alignment.

And so the end is in sight for the most significant and overarching evolutionary remit of the numerical key codes of 2222 and 111111, which have carried us through an unprecedented 22-year evolutionary cycle and will finally bow out, in terms of their specific evolutionary agenda, on 02/02/2020. After that date, the 11 and 22 master numerical codes will serve a different purpose for humanity from the role they have been and are currently fulfilling. However, the 02/02/2020 Primary Source Numerical Key Code, as an instrumental influence, continues under the auspices of the 44 with its timely purpose to awaken the heart and initiate the psycho-spiritual transformation of humanity.

Numerical Codes – the Chakras and the Maturation of the Consciousness of Humanity

Collective human consciousness is still in the early stages of its evolution. Numerical key codes also relate directly to the chakras and so afford us insight into how consciously awake humanity is at this present time.

For example; the number ‘1’ relates to the base chakra – (physical/security/safety/survival/basic needs/me). The number ‘2’ correlates to the sacral chakra,(emotions/sexuality/creativity/my), and the number 3, to the solar plexus chakra, (identity/will/empowerment/I am). So, we can see from these predominant key codes that human consciousness currently operates from the first three chakras. As an upgrade of the numerical codes take humanity into the 3imprint, so it is that the imprint of the 444 is initiated and anchored by the dates of the 04.04. 2020 (444) and 22/04/2020 (444).

444 – the Bridge Between Spirit and Matter – Heaven and Earth – Human and Divine – the Awakening of the Collective Heart

The ‘444” imprint correlates to the 4th chakra of the heart(love/compassion/empathy/understanding/connection/the bridge between spirit and matter/I Am). When the 444 numerical key code predominates, human consciousness will have evolved to a higher state and will re-vision and realign the world. Psycho-spiritually, we will be ready to live the reality of a new paradigm, having integrated and aligned the lower three chakras with the heart. The alignment process will continue however, to include the three higher chakras: the 5th, (transparent communication and speaking our highest truth), the 6th, (visionary/intuition/gnosis/seer/mystic/prophet), and the 7th chakra, (Higher Self/Actualised Self/Transcendent Self/Enlightened Self/Divine Self). Only when all seven chakras are unified and balanced will humanity be living the post 21/12/12 prophecy of a New Golden Age.

Given its correlation with the completion and therefore closure of the Galactic Alignment Zone on 21.12.21, 333 also marks the beginning of a new and higher octave numerical key code consciousness. This will activate a new triple evolutionary phase of

  1. Higher Consciousness,
  2. Higher Heart, and
  3. Higher Mind.

To understand this more clearly, we might imagine a relay race in which the baton belonging to the era of the 111111/2222 is handed over to a new evolutionary phase of the 333, (and incoming energies of the 444), which picks up the race and carries these numeric consciousness transformers and imprints to the gateway that is 21/12/21; at which point the 333 becomes the new, divinely timed, overarching evolutionary blueprint for a New Age of Consciousness.

Between the dates of 02/02/2020, (2222) and 21/12/21 (333), we take the baton and accelerate toward a new conscious age. From that point on we could say that we are on our own. Metaphorically, we will have tilled the land (our own consciousness) until our hands were raw and our knees almost buckled under the enormity of such a task. Yet from 21.12.21, our new focus will be on sowing the seeds of an evolved new consciousness into the sacred land that is the new paradigm – land we have been preparing for 22 years.

Those who have done the inner-work have left no stone unturned to become the change they wish to see in the world. First and foremost, they have sought to transform their own consciousness in order to ultimately fulfill a higher purpose as stewards of a new and more enlightened Earth. These are the visionaries, guardians and co-creators of a New Paradigm.

A New Land and a New World

Future generations will stand upon this new land and move within a world that their awakened forebears had the strength, courage, gnosis, insight, wisdom and vision to cultivate and grow. We as their ancestors are the way-showers and trailblazers, and the future generations will be the torchbearers, inspirers, manifestors and establishers of a new Golden Age; one that has been prophesied by all ancient wisdom cultures to begin to emerge now and prevail for millennia.

What remains important to remember in this great evolutionary story of humanity is that we are integrating and aligning with a higher octave key code – the 333. 2018 issues a call for us all to prepare our consciousness, elevate our minds, and refine our hearts, in order to live our very essence and being.

The seeds that we sow from 2018, most especially between 11.11.18 and 21.12.21, will determine the outcome for future generations. It is they (and perhaps we, reincarnated) who will be charged with picking up where we left off to anchor and ground a new and profoundly inspired global reality for all.

2018 – a Clarion Call

We were called to incarnate into these times for a specific purpose. 2018 sounds another evolutionary clarion call, a wake up call, a final call and a recall, for consciously awakening humanity to remember who we really are, where we are really from and why we are really here. If we fail to listen or understand this, we fail not only ourselves, but the world as a whole, and future generations. We fail to fulfill ancient wisdom prophecy that speaks of the times in which we live as the birthing of a “Thousand Years of Peace”. Such prophecy is not infallible, and even though it can come to fruition, equally, it can remain unfulfilled.

2018 is a turning point, in the respect that we are entering the home run of a 22-year evolutionary phase that was catalyzed on August 11, 1999, (the Total Solar Eclipse). Now, we must pick up the pace as the completion zone of an unprecedented evolutionary phase looms large. All our metaphoric chickens will come home to roost, and the quality of the fruits of our awakening will be contained within the seeds of consciousness we are to sow. As the venerable Buddhist Monk and Peace Activist, Thich Nhat Hanh, so aptly shares:

“In our consciousness there are many negative seeds and also many positive seeds. The practice is to avoid watering the negative seeds, and to identify and water the positive seeds every day.”

In the same way, it is now essential to consciously infuse the positive seeds within our own consciousness with Light, Truth, Love and Harmony to ensure they proliferate. In doing so, we transform any “negative” seeds within us into positive ones. Each day we are called to choose love over fear, light over shadow, positive over negative, higher purpose over self gratification, mindfulness over mindlessness, connection over disconnection, and a conscious and awakened new paradigm over an unconscious and unawakened world.

I conclude with the last words ever spoken by the singer, David Cassidy – “So much wasted time”. Gnosis informs me that these parting words convey an important message to us all. Let us not waste another second, but fully re/awaken and re/align with the yet unfinished task we set ourselves to complete many moons ago – that of fulfilling our higher purpose and our roles as co-initiators, co-visionaries and co-creators of an Enlightened New Paradigm and a New Conscious World.

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