Multi-dimensional Beings on Earth

Is Love the Answer to Everything? Part 2

Following on from Part 1, I personally do not view life on Earth as some “great game”. I sense Earth to be a place of learning, healing and growing, one that offers a unique potential to evolve from a lower to a higher level of spiritual consciousness whilst incarnate in a human body, and an unprecedented opportunity to experience such a rare, exquisite and utterly beautiful planet.

I sense that there are multitudes of multi-dimensional races incarnate on Earth as human beings. All have made a choice before incarnating to come here for the Great Learning and the profound experience. Even though human beings may not all be part of the same Earthly Race, all beings on Earth have the same Origin – call it God, Love, Creator or Source. The multi-dimensional races in human form are at specific levels of consciousness and spiritual evolution. Some of the ‘races’ are highly advanced and evolved beings, whilst others are yet barely consciously awakened. All have a human heart. Whether this is closed down or wide open depends on the degree to which they are consciously evolved. Most are spiritually awake to a lesser or greater degree. Evidence of those least awakened can be observed in the catastrophic havoc wreaked in all kingdoms on Earth.

A Higher Understanding

The most awakened beings are those with a highly developed feeling intelligence which arises from the wisdom of the heart. They not only understand the sublime simplicity of pure and true spirituality, but they express this as an everyday reality. An expression of spirituality understood at its core to be about one core principle – LOVE.  Awakened individuals walk the talk of love being the answer to everything. These conscious human beings are fully aligned at Heart, Higher-Mind, Self, Higher Self, and Soul level.

Even though we may be composed of the same flesh and bone, possess the same organs, have the same river of blood flowing through our veins and appear in diverse shapes, sizes, colours and tones, from a consciousness perspective we originate from many different off-planet races. With this in mind, we can begin to gain some insight into how to find it in our hearts to love those who have transgressed. To do this requires a higher understanding of how it is that such beings came to transgress in the first place.

Coming to an Understanding

Viewing our question from the perspective of a “Divine Plan” we can come to an understanding that at Self, Higher-Self, Soul, Source/God/Creator level, all is exactly as it is meant to be. We can see that the interaction that occurs between multi-dimensional beings incarnate as humans on Earth ultimately serves conscious evolution, the journey of the Soul, the evolution of humanity and the attainment of unity. Those who understand that we are part of a Greater Plan, are not only able to forgive more easily and move forward in their lives, yet really understand the core spiritual principle that love is the answer to everything.

Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do

These Souls are the way-showers for humanity to consciously and spiritually awaken, and to manifest The Divine Plan which is the co-creation of Heaven on Earth and to BE Love. Fundamentally, it is essential for us to move out of judgement, polarisation and duality consciousness in regard to those who transgress the sacred laws of life. These individuals are not “evil”, yet imprisoned in the ignorance that accompanies a consciously and spiritually unawakened state. As Yeshua was said to have stated, “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. Forgiveness and understanding liberate Self and other, yet one must be deeply integrated to be capable of fully bestowing such a blessing on oneself and upon those who have transgressed.

In Order to Heal First We Must Feel

In order to forgive ourselves and others, we must truly heal and to do so we must truly feel. We need to willingly and lovingly explore and heal the core of a trauma emotion – we must clean, purge and love it, from the inside out. Feeling in order to heal requires some degree of Self awareness and Self responsibility. It is important not to become polarised in or attached to anger and fear, etc. What is most needed is for us to visit, own, acknowledge and validate difficult emotions. Allowing ourselves to hear and see what is held in the body, organs, blood, bone, genetic blueprint and cellular memory is fundamental to our healing.

Be Gently Loving

When a trauma emotion is validated (I do not refer to ‘justified’ as this is a reactive energy) which is a responsive energy, most especially by ourselves, it begins to relax, dissipate and dissolve. The key to depth healing is to remain ever mindful not to project our feelings of anger, fear etc, for this takes us into duality within Self and with other/s. To fully heal a trauma we must be gently loving with ourselves, even when in the middle of experiencing a difficult emotion.

Feeling or Detail?

Ultimately, difficult experiences and painful emotions arise to the surface of our healing radar in divine timing. What can emerge, often seemingly out of nowhere, are deeply stored emotions, repetitive patterns we may have thought we had cleared, as well as old ‘stories’ to conclude from lifetimes ago.

It is important not to go into too much detail when it comes to re-telling our story. If there is a powerful need to share over and over the story, then what can most serve the ultimate healing of it is to do so in no more than five words. However, to arrive at this point may require that we re-tell a story in greatest detail for as long needed, in order to help us to come to terms with what has happened. Yet, we find when closest to fully healing and letting go of a story, we have less to say in terms of detail and a deeper feeling impulse to feel the feeling we are left with so as to begin to dissipate it, slowly but surely, in the light of love and consciousness.

The emphasis must be on the feeling (felt-sense), not the story (mind). It is not the situation that causes our suffering, it is what the mind does with it. So, we literally need to get out of the mind, the who, when, what, where, why, breathe into the emotion and feel the feeling. In Psychosynthesis there is an effective practice that invites one to identify in order to dis-identify, to go inside, walk around, explore and examine an inner-wound. Visualisation is a great tool to get inside the inside. A couple of days ago, one of our FB friends posted on my Wall a reference to “working through and out of the pain from someone else’s dagger” This is an excellent example of how such a potent visual can become a powerful facilitator for Self healing.

Mindfulness and Presence

Validation of, (not saturation in) a painful emotion is paramount to healing. We only ever really resolve, heal, dissolve and move through a difficult emotion when we can connect deeply and fully to it, turn our attention inwards, follow our breath, and allow the wisdom of the body to lead us to the site where the trauma emotion is physically lodged. This invites an emotion to reveal its story, at which point we bear witness, as wise and loving counsel, offering our unconditional love and presence. We shine the light of unconditional love and unconditional positive regard allowing the emotion to bathe in those rays which can penetrate to its very core to release it into the stream of conscious understanding. We form a relationship to an emotion by taking it by the hand, remaining lovingly present to it, and giving it our full and unconditional attention.

If we do this as often as needed, the strength of the associated emotional ‘charge’ will begin to dissipate until such time that the ‘trauma’ volume has decreased to total dissolution to merge in the light of the love that we are. The key to moving through any difficult emotion is to relate to it from a place of mindfulness and presence. Visit it often, consciously and mindfully, yet do not remain in it. Reassure it by letting it know that you will return to witness, validate, hear and hold whatever it needs to share, unconditionally. Lovingly support an emotion in the process of revealing for healing by communicating that you will continue to return to give it your unconditional and undivided attention. If you feel it rearing up outside of sacred ‘we’ time, (emotion and I) simply reassure it by stating gently “Yes, I know you are there”. In letting it know that you will revisit it later that same day or evening/night, you will immediately experience a tangible relaxing of ‘charge’ that accompanies any painful emotion.

We Are All Part of The Divine Plan

And so, in concluding today’s response to our anonymous FB sister’s gift of a question How do we love the unlovable? How do we find it in our hearts to love the ones who have destroyed lives, stolen children’s innocence and are walking the Earth without empathy or conscience?”… We have explored just how important it is to feel in order to heal. By deeply feeling and therefore truly healing, we are better placed to understand and forgive and thus experience greater liberation from the influences of trauma, karma, past and future.

What further facilitates our capacity to more fully understand and, by so doing, more deeply experience inner-peace, is when we are able to acknowledge the possibility that the human race is made up of multi-dimensional beings at varying degrees of conscious evolution and spiritual awakening. Add to this the spiritual ‘bigger picture’ that we are all a part of The Divine Plan, where all is known, pre-determined, in support of the evolutionary journey of each Soul. (Note that free will is part of The Divine Plan, for all rivers (choices/lessons) lead to the same ocean (ultimate understanding). By resonating with these phenomena, we begin to consciously acknowledge the multi-levelled experience that is life on Earth, the multi layered experiences that accompany spiritual evolution and can thus begin to consciously acknowledge, recognise, integrate and embody the fact that we ourselves are indeed multi-dimensional beings.

The concluding article in this trilogy explores the The Divine Masculine Principle – LOVE IN ACTION – including a global overview and a visionary Call to Action which is of equal importance to what has been shared in Part 1 and Part 2.

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