Love Beyond the Emotional Field

The Love of True Beloveds is a transcendent Love: It is a Higher Love; an altogether different kind of Loving and BEing. It is a rare and unique quality of Love and is forever and unending.

It is an ultimate Love that requires the transcending of the emotional body. Only when you can stand in this ‘field’ and find it to be crystal clear, and only if it is part of your soul plan for this lifetime, will this Higher Love come knocking on the door of your heart.

If there are clusters of emotional residues still remaining within your emotional field, then if you encounter this Higher Love, those residues, no matter how ‘fine’, will be propelled to the surface of your awareness. The purity and vibration of such a Love expels what is there with the force of an erupting volcano. It is then that this Love can anchor into the field of Feeling, the higher octave of the emotional field. The way in which that ‘expulsion’ is released and how it is responded (or reacted) to by each of you will reveal if you have indeed (re)met your divine complement. This becomes evident when the clearing of extraneous content from the emotional field is handled with Self-awareness and Self-responsibility, grace, humility, gentleness and understanding on the part of the one undergoing the experience. A ’true other’ will bear witness to it all in unconditional love and understanding. This kind of release occurs immediately following your connection and will clear rapidly, unlikely to ever recur or return.

This is the Love of the undefended heart. It is the Love of the emotionally transcended being who has dissolved personal emotional karma and whose soul is therefore unimpeded. This state of BEing enables you to love deeply, truly and fully. It is a Love that is equally for both you and the world.

Such a Love acts as an evolutionary accelerator for one close to transcending the human personality. It is a catalyst for those who have already done so to more fully live the exceptional beauty of their soul while in a physical form.This is the Love of two truly FREE SPIRITS in the respect that it is not possessive, nor does it project or impose needs, wants, demands, desires or expectations. It will never judge, will ask for nothing, and accept everything unconditionally. It is a peaceful, joyful and fulfilling Love that basks in the glow of mutual appreciation and blessing.

Entirely devoid of glamour (latin for ‘illusion’) or lust, it makes LOVE soul-to-soul. It cares not for cultural, religious or inherited conditioning, neither does it subscribe to any unconscious and dysfunctional templates or agendas imposed by the global matrix in which we live. Insidious matrix programs such as ‘age’ and ‘physical appearance’ ensure that by a certain ‘age’ most human beings lose all sense of purpose and prepare for death as their cells begin to rapidly degenerate, in accordance with a lifetime of cellular entrainment with the matrix conditioning: In this way, longevity is dictated by and adheres to a generalised maximum ‘number; (ie 70/80/90).

Human beings who are at the most advanced stage of evolution can transcend such ‘programs’ and therefore this ultimate type of Love is free of all programs and preoccupied only with the deepest and highest heart-to-heart, soul to soul and spirit to spirit connection.

The focus of such a Love is the eyes, which are the windows of the soul, the energetic bodies, (two light-bodies merging), and immersement in the field of the vast Consciousness of each other. Through these ‘portals’ beloveds journey into magnificent other-worlds of profound mystery, mystical magnitude and sublime wonder, and these experiences are shared with each other, humanity, Nature and the Earth.

This is the Love of two extraordinary individuals becoming ‘One’: ‘Two’ as ‘One’, and ‘One’ as ‘Two’: The ‘I’ and ‘I’, and the ‘WE’.

This Love is unparalleled and unequaled: It is the Ultimate Love and is wholeheartedly devotional and unconditionally all-embracing.

Such a Love transcends space and time. It is all consuming yet neither one is devoured by or lost in or to it. It is a Love that celebrates freedom, thrives on space to breathe, and epitomises the maxim of (physical) absence makes the heart grow fonder. It is a Love that allows the winds of heaven to dance between you (Kahlil Gibran). It is a Love, to paraphrase Gibran, that lets the sea move between the shores of your souls. Individually you are a world, and together you are a World.

It is a Love in which you enter into the very heart of the heart; the most sacrosanct of chambers, and one in which you dive into the very depths of the soul; the most immense and beautiful of oceans.

This Love is the ultimate union. It is not the love of a ‘knight’ and a ‘maiden’ or a ‘prince’ and ‘princess’, nor is it the love (as adults often refer to the object of their affection) of a ‘boy’ and a ‘girl’. Neither is it the love of a ‘king’ and a ‘queen’, for although this is psychologically a more mature love it is still located within the field of the emotions.

This is the Love of an Emperor and Empress, of two awakened beings who are located in the ‘field of Feeling’ – the ‘field of BEing’, and have attained an inner state of True Sovereignty. Such awakened beloveds reside within the imperial realm of the Regent Self – an ultra-fusion of the True Self and the Higher Self.

This is the union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; the I Am and the I AM; of the Consciousness of two emotionally transcended Beings who have found their way Home to each other on the Earth, and, together, can channel the pure LOVE of SOURCE into the world.

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