Dearest ♥ Friends,

Below are some words I shared with a friend who was processing “what may be” in relation to a unique and profound connection he had made with a woman who became very special to him: A woman who captivated him heart and soul: A union that gifted an evolutionary invitation that might ordinarily have been perceived as a ‘challenge’ for it presented uncertainty in regard to what may or may not transpire as the outcome between them.

The challenge, ie the healing, awakening and evolutionary opportunity this situation presented to him, was that she may have chosen to step further away rather than onto a physically realised lifelong path of togetherness.

From what he shared, there was no doubt about the powerful and intense feelings and connection between them. Yet circumstances prevailed in her life that prevented the two of them from merging as One at that time.

This friend reached out seeking wise counsel. I share my response below with his blessing as we both concluded that it might just resonate with some, or perhaps support others who find themselves in a similar scenario.


“Dear …

Trust what you gno …

So much occurs on the ‘invisible’ planes in terms of our connections and relationships with others.

At a physical level, you are both dealing with the psychological and karmic playing out of the ‘old’ whilst at the same time engaging at higher levels in terms of the ultimate purpose of your connection. At those levels your bond remains alive and in service of the highest good of not only yourselves but all.

As you say: “Yes to keeping the heart open to all and everything.”

The heart is the compass and all we can do is stay true to its course whether that is towards or away from a hoped for destination as the physical releasing of the ‘old’ – of that which no longer serves – bows out.

Sometimes a connection is so seismic and immense that the human form simply cannot contain the fullness of its intensity, energy, purity and Light; that is not until enough space becomes available within the vessel of Self and both – “both” not necessarily equating to the existing love who has captured one’s heart but perhaps a future one who has yet to cross one’s path.

There is a Divine Synchronisation in terms of the degree to which the old flushes through making way for the new – the subsequent incarnation of the new pouring into and through the human temple of Self – the temple of one – which enables the capacity to embody and sustain a unified temple of two – two who have ultimately been able to blend ‘As One’ for the Higher Good of All.

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