Leaving Freiburg

Well …

I left Freiburg, Germany, yesterday morning … following my intuition which is guiding me over to a part of southern France I have not lived before – Provence/Cote d’Azur.

Currently, I am on route, staying overnight near Grasse, a few miles from Cannes, to a temporary rustic space in an old water mill in a place called ‘Aups’ pronounced ‘Oops’ … 😉 where I plan to stay for eight weeks while I work out where to from there/here …

Living in and leaving Germany has been eventful to say the least … something I will share in due course but not an easy phase … and returning to the south of France feels like a welcome relief – especially this part of it which I have always loved …

Here are some photos from the stunning perched village ‘Gourdon’ – the forever vistas of this part of the world (across the south of France when in the mountains) are breathtaking and not so easy to capture in photographs … but what I love about this region is the mountains AND the sea … the golden energy in the ether … the deep turquoise waters … palm trees and lavender … beauty in extraordinary abundance …

So, more photos to come as I journey into the next two months and what will unfold … but one thing I know for sure … I thrive in the heart of Mother Nature … my ultimate Muse.

LOVE, from a golden, balmy Cote d’Azur.

Nicolya ❤️❤️



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