Woke up contemplating another move of country on August 1 … more on that in the coming days … 🙂

As I lay in those first waking moments reflecting on my life and the imminent move of home and location, the term ‘digital gypsy’ came to mind. Subsequently, I looked up this term and found a single explanation:

“A ‘Digital Gypsy’ is someone who meets three criteria: They have a nomadic and unconventional lifestyle. They move from place to place. They utilise new technology to design a lifestyle that allows them to live and work wherever they want.” – James Taylor.

My nomadic way of life is not only sourced from the guidance of my soul but also influenced by the blood that runs through my veins. My maternal biological lineage is ‘Romani’, bio-maternal grandfather having first moved into bricks and mortar (a house) in rural Ireland just two generations ago. The origins of the Roma have been genetically traced back to north-west India. My paternal biological lineage originates from north-west India … so this cultural genetic mix of DNA certainly facilitates my nomadic existence (!), although the primary ‘director’ of course is my soul.

The term ‘gypsy’ stems from the earlier belief that the Romani originated from Egypt.

Yet, in these transformational times the world plays host to a growing tribe of ’spiritual gypsies,’ irrespective of inherited DNA. A new wave of spiritually awakened ‘digital-alchemical gypsies’ whose lives reflect the above quote – who are sowing seeds of non-attachment and freedom into the Earth Grids as well as spreading LIGHT and LOVE across the world.

So … more in the next days on the why and where in terms of my upcoming relocation …

Wuzho, Yekhipe – (Romani = Purity, Unity & Oneness)



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