Conscious and Collective Evolution

Humanity is experiencing an unprecedented trajectory towards a shift from the old and into a new paradigm. The time is upon those of us spiritually awakening, or awake, to more fully align with the higher purpose of our Souls.

A part of us knows that beyond our personal world lies a greater purpose – that we each have a soul mission. However, many lose sight of such, overwhelmed or blinded to the fact by psychologically dysfunctional patterns formed as a result of difficult and painful early childhood experiences and/or unresolved karma.

However, many of us are beginning to remember that there is a truer expression of who we are and what we wish to offer to the world, due to the various spiritual, psychotherapeutic, and self-healing explorations we have undergone in order to become more psychologically integrated. If we use the analogy of an onion, many of us have spent years peeling back the layers in order to re-encounter our True Self which had been buried under history, cultural conditioning and pre-determined evolutionary experiences. The closer we come to re-encountering our core Self, the more we remember.

It is possible to express our gifts in the world proactively without the painstaking peeling away of layers. Accomplished artists, philosophers, musicians, poets, pioneers, inventors, healers, mediums, and great spiritual teachers have contributed enormously to the world without having done such. This is because of their ability to either bypass or access the core of their emotional wounding to tap into and express their higher purpose.

However, many of the great minds, creators, and sensitives of this world, such as musicians like Mozart or artists like van Gogh, writers like Tolstoy, pioneers like Howard Hughes, seers like Nostradamus, and humanitarians like Oskar Schindler, live unfulfilled personal lives having split from their psychological shadow, unconsciously sabotaging their lives at a personal level, thus failing to develop any deep intimate knowing of themselves or those around them.

Unless we seek to heal our psychological wounds and trauma, deep inner fulfillment will remain out of reach. Fulfillment, not to be mistaken for security, arises from the integration of ourselves. As we heal ourselves, we enhance the world in which we live.

Most of us forget our worldly mission and the life gifts we can share remain unexpressed. This tends to create a deeply unfulfilled experience, often expressed as a feeling of emptiness. This inner vacuum causes many to find solace in religion, consumerism, addictions, and unhealthy preoccupation with the news, media, politics, sex, or anything else that might fill that void.
This inner void develops in early childhood when we may have felt ignored, humiliated or shamed for attempting to freely express our individuality, raw talent, and uniqueness.

What is imperative to overall well-being is our capacity to be able to physically express our creative energy (each one of us is creative in our own way). To do so can give us a sense inner fulfillment and make us feel as if we are able to positively contribute to the world we live in.

Our evolutionary goal is to manifest who we truly are. We can support each other to remember our unique individuality as creators and by doing so, we can create a better world. Embodying our unique, empowered, and glorious true Self is the greatest experience we can have of ourselves, and the greatest offering we can give to the world.

We must stand in our truth, even if we are a lone voice in the crowd. Gandhi said, “The truth is the truth even in a minority of one.” Instead of investing our time, energy, and resources in attempts to fill the emptiness inside, we need to rediscover ourselves. To do this we must recognize that we are not victims and that our suffering is largely of our own making. As we think, so we create.

There are organizations and resources in our local communities and neighboring towns and cities that can support us to empower ourselves, as well as support the transformation of the current global system into a new and functional one. We need only type the word “WorldShift International” into a search engine to be able to instantly become part of a global community of like minds.

For those of you who believe you are too wounded, angry, sad, unworthy, or are not intelligent or spiritual enough to align with your higher purpose, recognize that this as a myth you have been steeped in for too long.

There is no need to have to repress, split off, or deny those aspects of ourselves that represent the truth of who we are. We do not need to hide our light behind the veils of a psychological shadow. We live in times that wholeheartedly invite us to become more open, integrated, achieve a greater sense of psychological balance and be present in the magnificence of who we really are.

We live in high energy times which offer many therapeutic practices that can support us in letting go of the past, and stepping into the new. Why hold onto pain when you can live in joy? It is as simple as a matter of choice—love or fear?

It is up to you what life experience you choose. Yet remember, it is you who is choosing in the here and now. It does not have to be your history that dictates your everyday reality.

Why hide in the shadow of your psychological history when you can step forward into the fulfillment of who you really are and what your presence can bring to this world?

We tend to hold fears, hurts, and resistances close to us like precious jewels, afraid to let them go because we have built a whole identity around them. We have forgotten who we truly are. However, if we seek to reclaim our true selves and refuse to let the past dictate the experiences of our present lives, we will go from strength to strength, and our lives will be forever transformed.

Letting go of the old and daring to step into the new will allow you to experience the true beauty of your soul and, perhaps, for the first time in this life, come to know what deep peace and fulfillment truly are.

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