And there will come an illumined Race from the Future who will incarnate into the world – and they will be known as ‘The Diamond Race’. The emergence of these multi-dimensional and multi-faceted Bringers of Pure Light-Consciousness and Diamond Technology … Read More


Love Take me higher and higher Until I touch the Source of my own Light For I have touched the centre of my own sorrow Without which there can be no inspired contrast No legacy of trials transcended Spread across … Read More


Dearest ❤ Friends, I have waited quite some time to be able to share this news with you. Well … after eighteen long months of waiting for a decision from my Publisher in regard to publishing my latest manuscript, finally, … Read More

In the Shadow and Light of LOVE

In the Shadow and Light of LOVE there is no separation … No “Us” versus “Them”. There can, however, be ‘forgetfulness’ … Shadow having forgotten it’s true origin – LIGHT And, there is always the enduring Promise of ‘Remembrance’ Where … Read More

Truth and Accountability

The perpetrators of the “Covid-19” scenario and all related agendas surrounding it need to be held accountable. Truth and Accountability go hand-in-hand. Never again can humanity allow the corrupt few to have such ‘power over’, as has been the case … Read More

We Are The Seventh Generation

For the past forty four years, humanity has been moving through a rare cosmic phenomenon known as ‘The Galactic Alignment Zone’, which occurs only once in every 26,000 years. It began in 1975 and concludes on December 21, 2021. A … Read More

We Know What We Know

Let us remember that we are 7.8 billion people. We Are the macrocosm, not the insignificant microcosm. No force is mightier than a conscious, unified and empowered humanity rooted in Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Enlightened Action. ❤️❤️

I AM that I AM

Even though I have this body – I Am not my body. Even though I have these feelings – I Am not my feelings. Even though I have this mind – I Am not my mind. Even though I have … Read More

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