BERLIN – AUGUST 29, 2020

Solidarity to the hundreds of thousands of voices for humanity gathering in Berlin today to protest against criminal agendas led by those such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, George Soros, the WHO, etc. Agendas that pose the biggest threat the … Read More


Dearest ❤️ Friends … Oh our friends ‘upstairs’ … they do like to push their luck lol So … as some of you are aware … I have been ‘clearing the decks’ to be able to give myself totally to … Read More


That voice … that quiet early morning voice … the one you wake up with … the one infused with soul that greets you at the dawn of a new day. That voice … that serene and tranquil voice … … Read More

Bush, Flower, Rock, Tree … it is all LOVE

Lavender represents silence, purity, grace, serenity, devotion, spiritual royalty, elegance, enchantment, refinement and calmness … Love at first sight … And its scent is intoxicating. Bush, Flower, Rock, Tree … it is all LOVE. Photo @nicolyachristi – August 4, at … Read More

Ever Faithful to the Call

Freedom comes to those Who cower not beneath foreboding skies, Nor drown in oceans grey, But stay faithful, ever faithful, to the Call to Rise. Not weak but strong beyond the known, Anointed by the Grace of Soul. From karma … Read More

Oops …

Dearest ❤️ Friends, Here I am in Provence/Cote d’Azur in a sweet little village called Aups (pronounced Oops!) … and since arriving there has been quite a few “oops” moments … 🙃 My time in Freiburg was needed … a … Read More

Join me on Instagram

Enjoying re-engaging with Instagram. Would love to meet you there too where I post more spontaneous moments! LOVE ❤️❤️ Photography @Valery Latypov

Leaving Freiburg

Well … I left Freiburg, Germany, yesterday morning … following my intuition which is guiding me over to a part of southern France I have not lived before – Provence/Cote d’Azur. Currently, I am on route, staying overnight near Grasse, … Read More

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