Dearest ♥ Friends, Below are some words I shared with a friend who was processing “what may be” in relation to a unique and profound connection he had made with a woman who became very special to him: A woman … Read More

Beloved Thay – Transitional Phase

This Beautiful BEing of LIGHT … This Extraordinary Pilgrim of Peace … This Highly-Refined Soul whose commitment to Inner and World Peace have been a singular dedication. This Rare and Precious Humane Being … This Gentle Man of such Profound … Read More


Dearest ♥♥ Friends, Just into the early part of A4 notebook No’5 in regard to the novel. Really have my work cut out as it needed to be finished by this November but the year it has been so far … Read More

5G Global Protest Day

“NO” to Elon Musk’s SpaceX — “NO” to hundreds of thousands of Satellites in Space microwaving every square inch of life on our planet. “NO” to 5G/6G/7G or any other ‘G’ and to being herded into Smart Cities. “YES” to … Read More

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