December Solstice

The December Full Moon opposed the Galactic Centre – a culmination point; a year since the Sun was last conjunct the GC, which, synchronistically, always immediately precedes the December Solstice. The 21/12/21 December Solstice, amounted to a rare evolutionary phenomenon … Read More

Luminous Messenger

Such a wonderful feeling to know this Luminous Messenger is waiting in the wings … nine months to go … before s/he crowns … November 9, 2021 Below what the publisher has written about it – The labour was long … Read More


– On “They” A response I gave to a FB friend’s comment on my post of October 25, titled ‘Question Everything’, (see Blogs) prompted me to write the following words. I feel this is an important note to consider as … Read More


Five days before I was due to travel from France to Italy on October 3, the Italian government announced compulsory C-19 tests at all its borders via road. I would be driving. As soon as I heard the news, my … Read More


“My angel, my all, my other self … why this profound sorrow, where necessity speaks … … look at Nature in all her beauty and set your heart at rest about what must be. Love demands everything and is quite … Read More

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