Depression is a Symptom Not a Cause – An Empathic Response

Psychologically-based depression (sometimes referred to as ‘classic depression’, ‘clinical depression’ or ‘major depressive order’ (MDD)) is not an illness but the symptomatic expression of unhealed historical and psychological trauma and psycho-spiritual imbalance. This general form of depression is essentially a … Read More

Liminal Times

The System Itself is Infected In these times of great change it can be difficult to ascertain just who or what to believe in terms of the stories playing out in the world. Political, religious, health, judicial, banking, and most … Read More

The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction – January 12, 2020

The Evolutionary Turn of the Tide for Humanity A Historical Turning Point On January 12, 2020, there is a rare astrological conjunction between the planets Saturn (structures/systems) and Pluto (death/rebirth/evolution/transformation) in the sign of Capricorn (patriarchal authorities/conglomerates/large corporate organisations). This … Read More

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