The 21 Arrows

The Seven Dark Arrows: Attachment Dependency Judgment Comparison Expectation The Wounded/Needy Child Syndrome Self-Importance The Seven Light Arrows: Self-Awareness Self-Appreciation Self-Acceptance Self-Pleasure (Joyful BEing) Self-Love Self-Actualization Impeccability (In thought/word/action/deed) The Seven Rainbow Arrows: Illumination Introspection Trust and Innocence Wisdom Open … Read More

The ego/Self Fairytale

… Consider for a moment the True Self as a king or queen returning to reclaim their throne. Imagine the many shadow defenses they will encounter along the corridors that lead to the throne room where they will meet the unintegrated ego.

The Twelve Phases of Ascension

PHASE ONE – You may experience short or prolonged bouts of debilitating exhaustion. Strong reactions to intense solar and galactic energies can result in random, transitory or intense physical symptoms – (check the list at the end of this section). … Read More

The Diamond Heart Prayers

These two special Prayers are powerful facilitators for transformation and transcendence. Each Prayer is a spiritual mantra and acts in a similar way to a high vibrational tuning fork. Engage personally with the Prayers as a Divine Medicine. Recite them at sacred ceremonies.