The Saturn-Pluto Conjunction – January 12, 2020

The Evolutionary Turn of the Tide for Humanity A Historical Turning Point On January 12, 2020, there is a rare astrological conjunction between the planets Saturn (structures/systems) and Pluto (death/rebirth/evolution/transformation) in the sign of Capricorn (patriarchal authorities/conglomerates/large corporate organisations). This … Read More

I AM that I AM

Even though I have this body – I Am not my body. Even though I have these feelings – I Am not my feelings. Even though I have this mind – I Am not my mind. Even though I have … Read More

Cold Winters Eve

What does a writer most long for on a cold winter’s eve … … a blazing fire … a hot bowl of soup …. a pen … and one’s writing book. That is it … it really is that simple. … Read More

The Forest

Beloved ❤️ Friends, Today, I took some time out from writing to do something very special, which I always do once a year, for it is one of my favourite things to do … I went deep into the forest … Read More

Throwback Thursday

Well … Its ‘Throwback Thursday’ and I am quite a long way back these days … in 1939 and the early 1940’s to be precise! … writing a fiction based on fact novel that has been gestating inside of me … Read More

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