“Au revoir” Cote d’Azur – “Ciao” the Val d’Orcia

“Au revoir” Cote d’Azur, s France … Thank You for everything … See you next Spring …

“Ciao” the Val d’Orcia, s Tuscany … somewhere in the middle of nowhere in between Montepulciano and Pienza …

It has been the most unstable year in regard to ‘home’ in terms of a roof over my head … factors being costs and/or not being able to go through the normal channels to secure a long term rental given I do not have the usual red-tape requirements in terms of proving three years of this and three years of that in regard to monthly/annual income etc. Writing is a labour of Love and it is my dedication and even though brings little income it gifts me with immense and deep fulfilment. So, I choose this path and it brings wild extremes in terms of where I can live at any given time. The place I stayed in for 6 weeks at Aups case-and-point (turned up to a derelict building and effectively camped) given where I have landed now!

Also the intensity of this year … including the constant looking for somewhere to live/stay has swallowed much of my time and kept me away from the novel in the way I need to be engaged -which is up to 8 hours a day … I have been barely managing between 35 minutes and 2 hours at the most. Yet it has to be completed by March. I just left yesterday the cabin in Tourrettes sur Loup because other guests were arriving today. In the weeks leading up to my departure, everything I tried in terms of ‘where to from here’ led to nothing. So, I put a prayer up to our friends in the higher-dimensions … adding the fact that I needed somewhere I could hide away and get this fiction-based-on-fact novel completed – and then the miraculous happened.

A good friend owns a stunning detached property half a mile up its own private road in the middle of the Val d’Orcia. It is so tucked away that it cannot receive post, which has to be delivered to the housekeeper in the next village. It is a haven of privacy, peace and tranquility … a sanctuary permeated with healing energies …

Suddenly, he asked me if I would like to stay at his beautiful house (he lives in London) for six months and stated that I would have it all to myself (save for any personal friends of mine I would invite to stay). “Really?” I questioned … “Yes!” came his reply. When asking him what kind of payment he would like for me to stay here he said: “Nothing at all. It is all yours until almost the end of March next year. A perfect writer’s retreat.” (friend is also a writer). “What about the wood for the huge Tuscan fireplace? I must pay you for that!” I protested. “No … I want nothing … and … the housekeeper who visits often is paid handsomely on a yearly contract and will take care of the cleaning of the house etc … So all you have to do is concentrate on finishing that novel on time!

I arrived in quite a challenged physical state … it had been a total unknown as to if I would even make it here until yesterday for I would only know when I got to the French-Italian border as the Italian government introduced a new law only days ago ruling that everyone crossing its borders from France would need to have a Covid 19 test and an antigen blood test on the spot. When I heard about this my body, which is my best friend and clearest psychic, became intensely nauseous for several hours and I knew I was not to engage in those tests for reasons some might regard as conspiracy theories and which I will share another time – but my body, psyche, and soul said “NO!” and I try always listen to and act on its messages. So, I was prepared to turn the car around, which was packed to the roof so much so I could not see out the rear view mirror, and included a large plant. Had that have been the case, where I would have gone from there I had no idea. However, there was not a single authority at the border … all was totally normal … so I just sailed right over it – phew!

However, I arrived here in a very challenged physical state – still very fragile today … but much improved.

So, not such a coherent sharing as I am still trying to physically recombobulate but I wished to share where I AM now, and post a few photographs taken today, which I offer with the intent of each one acting as a transmission so you too may soak up the magical and healing energies of this blessed place.


Nicolya ♥♥

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