2012: The Year of Love

“Love is a force that connects us to every strand of the universe, an unconditional state that characterizes human nature, a form of knowledge that is always there for us if only we can open ourselves to it.”

2012 – 5th Dimensional Consciousness Shift

Vibrationally, and consciously, awakened ones are now aligning with the 5th dimensional frequency that is the energetic ‘field’ reality of 2012.

The 5th dimensional frequency will continue to evolve our consciousness, and our physical forms. Our bodies may change shape, our eyes and our skin may change colour, our physical appearance may undergo subtle or radical positive changes. Our voices may change tone or octave.

5th dimensional awareness will change our patterns of behaviour, empower our choices, bring uncharacteristic creative expression, and allow us manifest our full capacity for LOVE. We will find ourselves loving in extraordinary new ways. Our understanding of Love will become vastly transformed, as we begin to express and experience the higher and more refined octave of 5th dimensional Love.

Soul Apprenticeship

From 1999 to 2011, Light-Workers have been deeply immersed in what I will term ‘soul apprenticeship’. Many have endured extreme circumstances over a sustained period of time, some of which has been the clearing of karma, yet much has been the result of soul apprenticeship.

The period between 1999 and 2011 has proved the most extreme in terms of tests and challenges. The awakened ones are now emerging from this window of time.

Neptune’s re-entry into Pisces on the 3rd February proved an instrumental turning point for awakened ones, and the full moon on the 7th marked the end of the soul apprenticeship.

We are at the point of the Great Awakening – 2012 is the Great Awakener for the evolved ones. We are awakening to the next level of our personal and collective evolutionary journey. We have entered the final phase. We are activating the early stages of transformation, (for some transmutation), from

Light-Workers to Light-Beings.
New Human Prototypes.

Many Light-Workers (and Indigos) are reactivating what has been until 2012, a dormant New Human Prototype template. This is necessary for the ongoing evolutionary process of the collective. Crystal Beings are also New Human Prototypes.
Many Light-Workers will begin to experience unexpected interruptions to the daily routine of their lives. This may take the form of job losses, apparent ‘ill health’, or, a total loss of interest in doing anything except remaining still.

They will begin to feel a deep longing to do nothing at all, to be still, to rest, not work, or be active in anyway, mentally or physically.

Many awakening ones will experience an overpowering compulsion to hide away from the world. This is an essential and necessary part of the reactivation process of the NHP template.

Many will struggle to balance the need to earn an income with the overpowering urge to do nothing but rest. This rest must be allowed to occur to ensure realignment, and reorientation to the 5th dimensional frequency of New Earth.

Highly evolved Crystal Souls are already wired with active NHP templates, and are therefore already present in the world as New Human Prototypes.

Crystals do not have to be de-programmed, re-wired, or reactivated, unlike Light Workers (and Indigos) who have been working on the Earth for much longer, and have been exposed to 3D conditioning and frequency, which can create moments of incoherence.

The mission of Crystals on Earth began on a different timeline from that of the Light-Workers/Indigos. The Crystals will be at the forefront of the ascension to New Earth throughout 2012, holding high frequency and carrying the Light, whilst Light Workers and Indigos undergo the NHP template reactivation process, which will complete for them by 12.12.12.

At this point, an explosion of consciousness, awareness and Light will carry humanity across the 21.12.12 threshold. (There is an important message to relay about the 12.12.12, which will follow in another posting).

What Is It That We Know?
What Is It That We Must Do?
How Best Can We Participate, Support and Contribute to 2012?

The answer to these questions is simple – we need only to BE LOVE.

We need only to express what is in the heart. – to listen to the heart – to speak from the heart.

All we need to be is LOVE.. Nothing more, nothing less.

Where there is fear – be unconditional love.
Where there is reaction – respond.
Where there is confusion – hold clarity.
Where there is anger and pain – hold empathy and compassion. Where there is intolerance – hold loving mindfulness and kindness.
Where there is a need for ‘forgiveness’ – hold understanding.
Where there is blame or shame – hold unconditional positive regard.

As an awakened one, it is imperative that you now become visible in the world. It is time to remember that you are a catalyst for transformation and the manifestation of the prophesied 2012 Shift of Ages.

Only by holding a higher-frequency en-masse, can we ensure the manifestation of ‘A Thousand Years of Peace’, and ‘A New Golden Age’. Both of these have been prophesied to return in the spiral of time we are now living in.

There are many, many ways to raise personal frequency and consciousness, however, the only way to ensure these manifest at the speed of Light is by – BEING LOVE.

2012 presents us with an opportunity to write a new story for humanity – not his-story, or her-story, but this-story – OUR STORY. The Story of the Birth of the New World.

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